Case Studies - Business Process Re-engineering


Business Problem - The process of gathering data from remote offices involved a seven-step process for each satellite. This manual process required a large amount of human interaction with a significant number of opportunities for error.


  • TSG determined that by updating technology with web design, the seven-step process could be reduced to three steps. Elimination of four steps reduced the opportunity for errors by 80% and time delays by 98%.
  • TSG's new data entry programs included automated data validation and verification further reducing the need for human auditing and allow errors to be identified at their point of origination.
  • The seven-step process required extensive human interaction, which resulted in a 7-day delay in the posting of data. TSG's redesigned system reduced the delay to 4 hours or less.
  • TSG's solution provided a significant increase in availability of data to personnel in the organization.

Often, effective web design can change the actual process people use to accomplish their tasks. Web design alone, however, results in website that do not change the basic business pain. Assessing the pain in a process allows our web design professionals to make tools that will eliminate steps and allow data to be available everywhere.

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