Case Studies - Custom software application development

British Petroleum - Anchorage, Alaska

Business Problem - To quantify the geologic variables controlling the flow of oil through a variety of sedimentary rock layers.


  • Custom software design and database of rock properties found in the reservoir.
  • Integration of a custom-built Active X object (neural network) to perform very sophisticated pattern matching.
  • Custom software  to rapidly apply results of pattern matching to predict the type of rock in areas of the reservoir.
  • Sophisticated set of statistical reports and charts to analyze / validate predicted rock layer.

Pogo Producing - Houston, TX

Business Problem - Due to inadequate production systems, Pogo could not generate standard engineering reports for properties in Houston, Midland, Canada and Thailand. Pogo asked TSG to implement a system which would allow them to manage data from all their offices at corporate headquarters.


  • TSG developed a custom software data mart, which automatically synchronized nightly production from four different production systems via the Internet. Systems included SQL Server, Oracle, and Excalibur databases.
  • Developed custom engineering toolkit software to generate standard reports and engineering graphs from the data mart.
  • Trained employees on utilization of Engineering Toolkit system.


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