Case Studies - Network Solutions, implementation & management:

Texland Petroleum - Fort Worth, TX

Business Problem - Tornado strikes Fort Worth's Bank One building. Due to the damage to the down town area Texland is not allow access to their offices for an entire week! Texland is notified that they must relocate and only have 2 hours of access to the building the following week!


  • Four hours after the tornado, TSG built Texland a website to communicate recovery plans to its employees. Employees were instructed to refer to the website with regard to hours of operations forward operations to get the company operating again.
  • TSG designed and implemented a disaster recovery plan, which included recovery of salvaged equipment and rapid purchase of replacement equipment.
  • TSG designed and developed the replacement Network Solutions including computers, networks, cables, overseeing the replacement of all equipment at the temporary relocation building.
  • Entire company was relocated and all systems functional three days after accessed to the destroyed offices and associated salvaged equipment. All backup recovery methods were successful.
  • Bank One officials stated: "Best salvaging operations of all tenants".

Government of Turkmenistan - Stockholm, Sweden

Business Problem - A litigation team of consisting of 30 professionals (expert witnesses and lawyers) needed the ability to work collaboratively on an international arbitration hearing. The network solutions needed to support a large volume of data and applications, which included intensive graphics, animation, databases and numerical analysis.


  • Installed in two days network solutions for a multiple disciplinary team of engineers, lawyers, geologists, geophysicists, mathematicians, economists, programmers, and graphic artists.
  • The temporary quarters of the team was a Stockholm hotel. TSG was able to successfully develop a secure LAN with in the hotel on multiple floors without interfering with normal operations of the hotel or litigation team.
  • Hardware included a LAN, NT server, PC's, Notebooks, Office Suite, e-mail, Internet, printing & scanning.
  • Custom software included a Monte Carlo simulator with detailed statistical reports & graphs.

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