Case Studies - Leveraging and managing the Internet

Texland Petroleum - Fort Worth, TX

Business Problem - Old infrastructure allowed extremely limited connectivity to satellite offices (dial up modem) and even prevented connectivity between internal systems. Business systems and data processes where unnecessarily slow with data lag times as much as 5 business days.


  • Installed 100mbit network and integrated legacy systems.
  • Replaced AS400 terminals with PCs and terminal emulation software, reducing complexity.
  • Added broadband internet providers.
  • Added E-mail, web access, FTP, and connectivity to satellite offices
  • Reduced data lag from 5 business days to instant data capture from remote offices.

Trimedia - Fort Worth, TX - Chicago, IL - Lititz, PA

Business Problem - Inability to adequately share information between satellite offices. Sales Management and overall productivity was hampered by limited communications.


  • Developed system using internet providers and Virtual Private Network (VPN) to allow communications between offices.
  • Implemented Terminal Server in Fort Worth for remote use to unify sales and production systems.
  • Improved sales and contact management systems and increased sales productivity

TSG Internet Service - Fort Worth, TX

  • TSG provides a custom Internet service to buildings in Downtown Fort Worth, TX. This service does all that any ISP does, but custom and for the small business in Ft. Worth. We host website and email, provide extremely fast internet service, host DNS and many other services typical of internet providers.

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