Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

TSG has developed unique skills in determining when and how to apply technology to solve a problem. As a result, TSG does not merely provide technology or software to meet the client's specifications, but makes sure that the technology will, in fact, actually solve the client's problem. BPR is used to ensure that it is not simply technology that changes, but the business that is reengineered to work more efficiently.

Systems theories like "The Theory of Constraints" have produced tools available to the disciplined thinker, allowing teams of people to rapidly determine when and where to apply technology best. TSG professionals are available to develop:

  • Present Reality Trees (A form of causal analysis of policy and system design)
  • Future Reality Trees (An exercise in future planning that predicts failure points, allowing for mitigation during the design phase rather than the execution phase)
  • IS strategy, planning, policies, guidelines and staff management
  • Technology audits
  • Process analysis and redesign
  • Training

This kind of up-front analysis, combining advanced theories and practical experience, ensures the achievement of maximum impact from the implementation of new technology. BPR can really stop the cycle of doing the same thing over again, expecting different results.

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