Custom Software Application Development

Every company has a distinctive competency - the one thing which separates them from their competitors; the one thing they do better than anyone else in their industry. To support your company's distinctive competency, TSG has developed tried and true methodologies that allow you to combine commercially developed software with custom applications.

It is, of course, economically prudent to purchase off-the-shelf software for day-to-day applications which are not designed to specifically extend your distinctive competency into your industry. However, it is often critical to your company's forward momentum to support specialized processes which uniquely distinguish you from the competition. You can achieve this strategic impetus by developing specialized custom software which integrates with already existing applications.

Our team of professional business and Information Technology consultants is uniquely qualified to assist you in the development of systems (consisting of both canned software and custom applications) that are seamlessly integrated into your corporate culture and business practices.

To assist you in achieving a well-executed custom software application strategy, TSG performs the services listed below:

  • .Net,,, C#
  • Visual Basic
  • ActiveX
  • Visual InterDev
  • C++

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